In order to reach as much Army personnel as possible in Austria, BDN established a lot of stations and transmitters throughout the country - some of them only transmitting the program, others also airing their own shows.

But AFRS also invested some money to provide soldiers with a sufficient number of radio receivers in order to listen to the programs - "R-100" receivers were distributed amongst them to obtain a ratio of 1 receiver per 50 men.




BDN consisted of the following stations and transmitters:

  • The radio transmitter in Innsbruck
  • The BDN station in Salzburg (KZCA)
    • The mobile (trailer) station in Zell am See
    • The mobile (trailer) station in St. Johann
  • The BDN radio transmitter (and station lateron also) in Linz (KOFA)
  • The BDN station and transmitter in Vienna (WOFA)
    • The BDN radio transmitter (and maybe also studio?) in Tulln (Langenlebarn)

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From May 1945 BDN's transmitter was on Freinberg in Linz. The transmitter only provided a transmission power of 7 kW - thus being rather weak.

Initially only the program and shows from KCZA Salzburg were transmitted, but after some time an own station was set-up in Linz.

It is remarkably though, that KOFA Linz produced hometown tape recordings for release in the United States. The first ones were made for servicemen in the USFA and were recorded at the Terrace Service Club of Camp McCauley. The director of KOFA (Sfc John Schaffer) expected to produce about 60 tape-records per week.




Tex Durham at KOFA on 4<sup>th</sup> of May 1950
Sgt. Bud Miller at KOFA Linz
Bill Hazlenton at KOFA Linz
Lt. Colonel Edgar L. Tidwell cutting a cake at KOFA
Cpl. Richard L. Burdess at KOFA Linz
Maj. Francis H. Lethrope cutting a record
Cpl. Al Mason at KOFA in Linz
Studio microphone of KOFA in Linz
Members of KOFA Linz
Announcer of KOFA Linz
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BDN's birthplace was a mobile radio transmitter dispatched to Salzburg by Milton C. Shapp, following a request of General Mark Clark. A studio was set up in that trailer first and then later moved into  the building housing the Italian Mission. In 1947 studios were improvised at Camp Truscott and the Hotel Pitter (Morzgerstraße 31), and finally BDN moved into  new studios at the Schloss Klessheim estate on the outskirts of Salzburg.

Salzburg became the headquarters and flagship station of the Blue Danube Network.

To improve transmission power a 5000 watt transmitter, consisting of two 90 meter towers, was errected in October 1951.

The BDN stations at both Zell am See and St. Johann were housed in trailers, such as the ones as shown in the picture. These mobile stations were the same type that accompanied USFA troups to the fields during maneuvers.







KZCA station building in Salzburg
Schloss Klessheim - housing the latter KCZA station in Salzburg
KCZA studio in Salzburg
KCZA studio in Salzburg
KCZA transmission equipment
The 190 feet transmission tower of KCZA in Zell am See
Sports reporter Paul Obluda at KCZA in Salzburg
BDN station in Zell am See
Paul Obluda interviewing Gene Kelly in Salzburg (March 14, 1952)
KCZA staff
Transmission equipment of KCZA Salzburg
Transmission equipment of KCZA Salzburg
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WOFA station in Vienna was housed in a former private building (belongig to Anthony van Hoboken - a famous musicologist) on Schreiberweg 45/47 from the very beginning until it got closed down in 1955.

The transmitter was errected on the neighouring estate on Schreiberweg 43. This location, at the hills of Kahlenberg, enabled BDN to service the whole city with it's program and hence was an enormous advantage to the other stations - especially to the Sowiet controlled RAVAG (which was located in the city).




BDN wofa station in Vienna
Portal of BDN WOFA station in Vienna
The frontside of BDN WOFA station
BDN WOFA station
BDN WOFA station in winter
Studio of BDN WOFA station
Studio \
Studios \
A technician installs transmission equipment at BDN WOFA station in Vienna
Transmission equipment of BDN WOFA station in Vienna
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Like in the USA, where radiostations on the westcoast have a " K " at the beginning, Salzburg and Linz in WEST-Austria had a " K " and Vienna, like US eastcoast stations,who start their names with " W ", Vienna also started it's name with " W  ".

  • BDN Salzburg : KZCA (  K,Zone Command Austria )
  • BDN Linz  :      KOFA (  K,Occupation Forces of America)
  • BDN Vienna    : WOFA (  W,Occupation Forces of America)