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In it's 10 years of service, hundreds of DJs and annoncers were employed with BDN. Unfortunately only a few could be researched from the existing material. This is, why the following list of persons is only a (limited) fraction of those people who made BDN a number one radio experience then. We are constantly striving to complete this list though.

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Joseph (Joe) Welsh was born on March 18th, 1924 and was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His family ran a grocers on the corner of Kinsey St. and Ditman St. in Philadelpia. After graduating from Northeast Catholic High, he was drafted on his 18th birthday into the Army.

While working at KOFA Joe ran an evening request program called "Telephone Serenade" in which GI's requested their favourite songs. Lee Boner from Arizona (the station manager at that time) acted as host and announcer for that show.

In the beginning, the show was aired from a sginal corps trailer where the two received the request calls from the GIs. It was only after KOFA was given a permanent studio that they had the enclosed booth with a microphone.

In December 1948 Joe Welsh married Elfriede Inmann, a local girl from Linz who was working for an army outfit switchboard.

After the couple had moved back to Philadelphia, Joe was given a contract to work at KOFA as a civilian station manager - so he quickly returned to Linz. He was only there for a few months before he ended his contract so that he could return to Philadelphia.

Joe and Elfriede moved to Oakford , Pennsylvania in 1951. They had four children: Joseph Jr., Patricia "Cookie", Timothy and Michael. In 1952 Joe was hired by Parker and Williams, a communications company, out of Bristol, Pennsylvania. Sadly, Joe Welsh passed away June 6th, 1964.

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Mickey Kaplan

"My name is Mickey Kaplan...and I had the wonderful and fortunate experience to have worked as an announcer with BDN in Austria first as a soldier from 1946 to 1948. After returning to the U.S. in May of 1948 and to my surprise, I was contacted a little over a year later by the then station manager Mr. Bill Willey and Captain Robert Cranston the military commander of BDN (and I believe several years later became the Military head of the the Armed Forces Radio Service in Hollywood). I was offered the opprotunity to return to BDN at its headquarters station WOFA in Vienna (which where it all began for me in the service).

Of course I was a civilian now - a bachelor - just turned 21 years old-beautiful Vienna. Needless to say I accepted the offer and in September of 1949  I was on my way back to Vienna, the station was kind enough to do about a month of ! spot announcements telling our radio audience of my return to BDN along with the return of my jazz program called "STRICTLY SOLID'", which was one of the great joys of my life. There is so much about BDN , its staff its programs, its mission and its great popularity with the austrian populace - especially the younger generation ..."


(Source: email from Mickey Kaplan, January 9, 2001)

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Vincent "Bud" MillerVincent "Bud" Miller was born on November 11, 1922 in Rochester (NY).

He was BDN's oldest  staff  member - in terms of service  with the  network; he joined the station in 1945 while in the military stationed in Vienna. "I started on Aug. 16, 1945, in  Vienna, then moved to Linz, then to Vienna and then to Salzburg and back to Vienna before returning to Salzburg. I married my wife in Salzburg in the Mirabell Castle and had the wedding party in Schloss Klessheim."

Mr. Miller was not only program director of BDN and also hosted shows like "Doctor music", "The judge is you", but also worked as "Area Cmd. Sports Director" with BDN (successing Gar Fairbanks, who returned to the states in 1954). His extraordinary memory was (and is) legend - he could recall the results from sports events dating back about five years without any problems and also give the names of players.

Bud Miller also initiated "Luncheon Matinee" - a mid day request programme, which was also named „Noontime notes“

In 1955 Bud Miller moved to Germany and worked as program director of the Armed Forces Network in Frankfurt.

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Byron Sanders

Byron Sanders was born on September 24, 1925 in Charlotte (NC).

He started as DJ with BDN and later became also Program Director.

After his engagement with BDN he worked as actor in New York. He acted as well in movies („The desk set“, "The flesh eaters"), but also appeared on TV shows ("The doctors", "Love of life",...).

He also worked as tennis instructor at Midtown Tennis Club in New York and acted as model for Salvadore Dali's picture „The crucifixion“ (1954), which is exhibited at Metropolian Museum of Art in New York.

Byron Sanders deceased on November 12, 2001 in New York.

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