Blue Danube Network being the only USFA radio network in Austria had to cover a broad range of music styles. The BDN staff faced the difficult task of deciding which shows to present. They were guided in their choices by popularity ratings the shows earned in America plus periodic surveys of enlisted men serving in Austria. However, as a branch of the Army's Training, Information and Education Section BDN also put on its share of programs with a message.

In this way the network was able to provide a type of programming unavailable to Austrian listeners on their stations. U.S. music especially was pleasing to a certain segment of the Austrian listeners -many learned to speak English by listening to the program.

Beneath sole music and news broadcasts also radio plays, which were later also produced on TV (as "Dragenet" for example) were part of the program. Being recorded on Transcription Discs, those plays usually lasted about 30 minutes.

Hit-parades, of course, were part of the service (e.g. the well known "Lucky Strike Hitparade") and radio shows on famous artists and musicians (as on Duke Ellington for example - "Meet a Duke") also contributed to the programs success. Some of those shows were specially produced by the AFRS in Los Angeles. But also shows from commercial stations and producers (tobacco companies often produced such shows - for example the "Chesterfield Show") were adopted.

From time to time also Austrian musicians and bands appeared on the program (e.g. Heinz Neubrand (Neubrand & Capp)) and a man named Marcel Pravy taught German lessons on BDN - "German made easy".

BDN's staff—30 Army enlisted men, 14 Department of the Army civilians and 25 Austrian employees personally produced almost half the shows that were aired on BDN. These included everything from local sports broadcasts lo special events to serving as disc jockeys.

(Source: parts taken from the USFA Sentinel)

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Music / Contents

DJ / Announcer


Tune in...

Strictly Solid


Mickey Kaplan

13:00 hrs

Jazz International Modern Jazz Stan Kenton Sat. 13:30 hrs
Hillbilly Gasthaus Country and Western Mickey Kaplan
Twilight Tips Information on events in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg
mixed up with popular music
Mickey Kaplan
John W. Lafean
17:30 hrs
Dick Haymes Show Popular music / AFRS Dick Haymes Mo. - Fr. 17:45 hrs
Jack Smith Show Popular music / AFRS Jack Smith Tu., Thu., Sat. 18:00 hrs.
Luncheon Matinee Request show with dedications Bob Abbott
et al
12:10 hrs -
14:00 hrs
Grand Ole Opry Country and Western Mo. - Sa.
Rise And Shine Request show
div. DJs Mo. - Fr.
06:15 hrs -
07:15 hrs

Midday Show Bud Miller
Concert Hour Classical music
Byron Sanders daily
16:00 hrs
Stars In The Night Byron Sanders Thu.
20:00 hrs
Music As You Like It Popular music
John W. Lafean
Jill's Alltime Jukebox Request Show Martha Wilkerson Sat. 08:30 - 08:45 hrs
AFRS Record Review The latest records John W. Lafean
Hot Off The Record Press The latest records div. DJs Mo. - Fr.
11:30 hrs
Hillbilly Rise And Shine Country and western Larry N. Phillips
G.I. Jive Request Show Martha Wilkerson Mo. - Fr. 07:30 - 07:45 hrs.
Western Round Up Country and western

Hank Parker
Larry N. Phillips

Today's The Day News from the USA Dave Young Mo. - Fr.
11:45 hrs
Way Back Home News from the USA Mo. - Wed.,  Fr.
18:00 hrs
American Heritage Radio play
Brian Aherne playing "Samuel Johnson"
14:30 hrs
Record Shop Radio Show Popular Music Bud Miller Mo. - Sa. 15:05 hrs. (Linz)
EM Club Of The Air Cpl. Elsie Suomy
a.k.a. "Linda"
20:00 hrs
Jubilee Jazz & Popular music / AFRS Ernie "Bubbles" Whitman Sat. 20:00 hrs
Waltztime Waltz Marlin L. Haines Mo. - Fr.
Cool Corner
(from 1951)
Latest Jazz (Cool Jazz) Bob Abbott
Alan Cigan
14:00 hrs
Swingtime Swing

Alan Cigan
Dave Bosley
Richard Verdes

14:00 hrs

Doctor Music Request program for  reconvalescent Soldiers Byron Sanders
Nelson Browning
et al.
Mo. - Fr.
14:00 hrs

Jive At Five Jazz und popular music Bob Abbott Mo. - Fr.
17:00 hrs
Hillbilly Jubilee Country and western div. DJs Mo. - Fr.
17:00 hrs
Report From Europe News Mickey Kaplan
Bud Miller et al.
Mo. - Fr.
21:00 hrs
One Night Stand Big Band Radio Show AFRS DJs Mo. - Fr. 22:00 hrs
The Judge Is You Two DJs play Jazz and Classical music (etc.); das audience vortes what is best
Mo. - Fr.
at noon
Command Performance Request program for  reconvalescent Soldiers Ken Carpenter et al. Su. 22:30 hrs