In order to reach as much Army personnel as possible in Austria, BDN established a lot of stations and transmitters throughout the country - some of them only transmitting the program, others also airing their own shows.

But AFRS also invested some money to provide soldiers with a sufficient number of radio receivers in order to listen to the programs - "R-100" receivers were distributed amongst them to obtain a ratio of 1 receiver per 50 men.




BDN consisted of the following stations and transmitters:

  • The radio transmitter in Innsbruck
  • The BDN station in Salzburg (KZCA)
    • The mobile (trailer) station in Zell am See
    • The mobile (trailer) station in St. Johann
  • The BDN radio transmitter (and station lateron also) in Linz (KOFA)
  • The BDN station and transmitter in Vienna (WOFA)
    • The BDN radio transmitter (and maybe also studio?) in Tulln (Langenlebarn)